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September 2009

Track by Track Dear Agony

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1. "Fade Away"

An ominous opening, with churning, moody guitars. Ben Burnley's voice gets harsher leading to the chorus - trademark Breaking Benjamin. One thing that separates the band from its peers is a dynamic, nuanced vocalist; it's not just generic post-grunge angst.

2. "I Will Not Bow"

The anthemic lead single. It's mainstream rock, but it contains some neat things you don't hear everyday, like Chad Szeliga's intricate cymbal crashes and a chorus that digs in and slows down instead of picking up tempo.

3. "Crawl"

"I'll make it through, but not this time/ Your hope is gone, and so is mine," Burnley sings, echoing some of the personal problems he's facing. He mixes in some hardcore growls in the chorus.

4. "Give Me A Sign"

After the aggression of "Crawl," this ballad is expertly placed in the next slot. A hard rock band might not want to hear this, but Breaking Benjamin does a great job with ballads. "Forever and ever, the scars will remain," Burnley sings.

5. "Hopeless"

An atmospheric metal song with ferocious vocals and punishing drums.

6. "What Lies Beneath"

A swirling, moody intro, complete with de-tuned drums, gives way to a more solid feel. With the echoing effects and what sounds like a subtle acoustic guitar, it's an example of how far the band has come as a recording entity. At the heart, though, is a good song, which is especially evident in the bridge.

7. "Anthem of the Angels"

The song opens with a few bars of a string section, before the orchestral music is joined by guitar riffs. The opening has more sonic tricks on the drums, like what sounds like a snare drum with loosened snares and a detuned tom-tom. The word "anthem" in the title is appropriate, because the choruses are huge.

8. "Lights Out"

Dark, brooding and relatively simple, but one of the album's best. "I am the monster in your head," Burnley sings, and in the hook-laded chorus, "After the lights go out on you/ After your worthless life is through/ I will remember how you screamed/ I can't afford to care."

It might be the best song on the album.

9. "Dear Agony"

A straightforward, airy and pretty song. It's slow and melodic, which gives the poignant lyrics even more weight.

On the bridge: "I will find the enemy within/ 'Cause I can feel it crawl beneath my skin." On the chorus: "Dear agony/ Just let go of me/ Suffer slowly/ Is this the way it's gotta be?" Knowing about Burnley's health struggles, it's hard not to connect emotionally to the song.

10. "Into the Nothing"

Nice clear verses over a Tool-like rhythm. Another solid song with serious radio potential.

11. "Without You"

A strong closer, similar to "Lights Out" in its directness and simplicity. "There's nothing left to lose/ The fight never ends/ I can't face the dark without you," Burnley sings. The guitars on the bridge are restrained and tasteful and do not distract from the overall arc of the song.

I Will Not Bow

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So Cold

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Sooner Or Later

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The Diary of Jane

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Break music video

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I Don't Care

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