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Papa Roach: 'New Album Is Gonna Be Different From Everything'

2. august 2009 at 2:09 | ewelyn-best |  PR
Papa Roach have just released their first live DVD with an amazing concert from Chicago and are now working on a new material in a few years. UG had a great opportunity to talk to two members of the band -- guitarist Jerry Horton and frontman Jacoby Shaddix. Read on and you'll find out why the band chose Chicago to record a live concert, what alcohol the guys drink on the road and you get'll the opportunity to hear Jacoby doing singing exercises, which is pretty f--king amazing!
  • UG : Your website posted news that pre-production on the fourth album has already begun. What are you currently working on?
Jerry : We're writing songs and we're doing arrangements, finding tuning and doing basic work all the same times. Pretty much everything right now.
  • The songs that are gonna appear on the album -- are they new or you wrote them a while ago?
Jerry : Some of the stuff we did write a while ago and ... I would say half and half -- half is old and half is new. We have a lot of stuff that we had written on the road and while we were home. But we're also writing new songs in the pre-production studio.
"With two guitar players it's gonna be probably much thicker sound, than the last album."
  • You say the new album is gonna be different. So, different from what? And what is it gonna sound like?
Jerry : Different from everything that we've done. I mean, it's still gonna have our sound on it, but, you know, we're constantly growing, constantly changing and, there's gonna be some of the same, but, we're growing and exploring different sound. With two guitar players: Tobin is writing a lot of stuff and then I'm doing complimentary and know all these harmonies and stuff. It's gonna be probably much thicker sound, than the last one [album].
  • Do you have any ideas of naming it yet?
Jerry : No names yet. We really don't have song names yet.
  • Any plans for the date of the album release yet?
Jerry : We don't have an exact date, but we're taking about possible July.

"Sometimes there are a few people that get a touch to one thing and they want only that."
  • I know that some of your fans have been disappointed with the last album -- "Getting Away With Murder." Are you gonna pay attention to these opinions working on the new album?
Jerry : I think we take some of this a hard, but we try to find a balance between what our fans want and what we want and most of the time the two match up. But sometimes there are a few people that get a touch to one thing and they want only that.
  • Your new DVD is a live concert from Chicago. Why from Chicago and not from any other city?
Jacoby : Chicago is one of the best rock cities. We were trying to look at our tour schedule and go "Ok, cool, where could we work it out? Where we can get all the people there, but we need to get there as far as the production for the DVD. And it totally worked out 'cause Chicago is one of our best cities, so we did it in a big theatre and it was a sold-out show. It was time to document Papa Roach live -- it's our first DVD that we ever put out, so I think it's a good representation of what the band is about. Also when people come and see our band live, they kind of get to understand what we're about and it puts all three of our records music in contracts with each other. It takes you on a ride of Papa Roach. It's a kick-out show and it was crazy 'cause we were on a plane flying to Chicago from Miami, we were all sitting together and talking "We've got one shot to nail it" -- this is just one show, it's not like accumulation of five different shows and we added it together, it's one night with Papa Roach, so it could've been a disaster, but it wasn't, it f--king rocked. The vibe was huge and I'm just glad to have that out there for kids to be able to pop out on their own -- when they're missing Papa Roach, they just put it on and f--king go crazy.
  • Was it different from all other shows you did on the tour?
Jacoby : The thing is that a lot of own fans knew about it. We were announced on the radio in Chicago like "Papa Roach will shoot a life DVD," so everybody that came knew what was going on and so the vibe was just huge and people were just going crazy about it and that's what we like to see! The energy was just awesome.
"It was far one of the better Papa Roach shows 'cause everybody was really excited about what was going on in Papa Roach's career."
  • But just for you -- did you feel special about the concert? Was it better, than any others?
Jacoby : It was far one of the better Papa Roach shows 'cause everybody from the crowd, the people that were working on live DVD project with, the band, all of our road crew, our management -- everybody was really excited about what was going on in Papa Roach's career. In our career thing are going really good -- we came back from the dead, we're f--king packing houses again, we're selling records, we're staying on the radio -- things were all positive, so it really came across in our performance and now we believe in our band and what this band stands for.
  • Did any member of your band take part in mastering the material for the DVD?
Jacoby : We got together with this guy -- Michael Rose who's based out of the area -- he's worked with Death Angel, a lot of metal bands. He worked on a couple of Green Day records, doing engineering and stuff. We got with him to work on the live mix of the record, the live mix of the show and he just nailed it and it sounds f--king good -- it sounds like a live rock-n-roll band banging at its best. Sonically I think he really captured and really gets it what we're doing and actually he is now working with us in pre-production in Silver Lake -- down here in LA we've got this house we're living in together. And he's engineering the demos that we're doing. It's been a cool experience.
  • Who came up with the idea about the Hidden Eastern Egg thing?
Jacoby : We had all this footage from being on the road and just having fun and we figured it would be kind of cool. It's always nice to get a little added bonus on a DVD and we thought it was cool for our fans to look around and see what they find. And what you find is pretty f--king funny.
  • Jacoby, you just took part in a horror thriller. Seems like it was fun to experience for you. Are you planning to appear in a couple more movies or this is it for your acting career?
Jacoby : For me the opportunity came around -- I wasn't actually actively looking for a role in a movie, but my brother was working on a film and the director found out "Oh, your brother is singing in Papa Roach. Would he be interested in doing a part?" and my brother came to me. I was like "Maybe we'll try it out." So I popped the director and it's just a really small part in a horror film and I'm a fan of horror films and I thought it would be a cool experience. It was different for me to try.
"I don't know about a love-story thing -- I'm not too much of a hunky kind of guy."
  • If you were suggested to take part in another kind of movie instead of horror -- like comedy or a love-story -- would you agree?
Jacoby : I don't know about a love-story thing -- I'm not too much of a hunky kind of guy.
  • Back in 2000 in one interview you said that members of your band listen to music so different from Papa Roach as Portishead, Morcheeba and jazz. Do you still listen to any of those and what else are you listening to?
Jacoby : Right now we're listening to everything. We've just moved into that house, where we're writing another record and we really just want to open ourselves up and listen to a lot of different music. We're still big fans of Bob Marley, some of the hip-hop, that is coming out is pretty good, some of it really sucks. We also go back and listen to Van Halen and shit like that -- stuff is just all over the board.
  • You've been playing with lots of new bands. Is there anybody you like among them or any promising acts?
Jerry : We've been friends with a band called Dredg for a while and they're a really, really, really rocking band. We've been listening to a little metal lately -- Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage. We've just been listening to a lot of different stuff.
  • Do you help the new bands somehow?
Jerry : We try to -- take a band our on tour. If there's a band that we like and want to help out, the first thing we do is talk about them in interviews. We want people to know about them.
"I started playing guitar listening to Metallica."
  • Your bassist Tobin in one interview said he learned to play bass guitar listening to "Blood Sugar Sex Magic" by Red Hot Chilly Peppers and he still learns from the song. Talking about you -- is there a song, a band or a musician you still learn from?
Jerry : I started playing guitar listening to Metallica. That was pretty much it. I think the record was "The Justice For All."
Jacoby : From growing up -- Motley Crue. That's my throw back I've been listening to a lot lately. They're one of the coolest rock-n-roll bands ever.
  • What kind of alcohol do you request in your rider?
Jerry : Generally it's vodka. Sometimes it's wine or tequila.
  • What equipment do you use? What guitars do you play?
Jerry : I play Schecter guitars. We use Marshall amps.
  • Anything custom-made?
Jerry : My guitars are mostly custom-made. Nothing too crazy, but just little thing that I prefer they'll do for me. That's one of the advantages of being in a signed rock-band -- you get free equipment.
  • Jerry, being in a popular band, do you still practice playing guitar?
Jerry : Yeah, when we're not on the road, we're writing music or practicing, rehearsing for tour, so we're playing all the time.
  • What was the last exercise you learned?
Jerry : I don't practice really exercises. Tobin does a lot with fills and stuff. And some of the songs that he writes, give me a little work out. I get my exercises from Tobin.
"On 'Getting Away With Murder' I proved myself I could be a rock-n-roll singer!"
  • Jacoby, do you still do your singing lessons?
Jacoby : No, not right now. I haven't been on singing lessons for a few years -- I've just kind of been running on my own, my own knowledge about singing. I think some of that music really comes from inside. You're not thinking about how you're gonna approach it too much, rather than just getting the emotion and a passion across through the vocal performance. Luckily my voice has gotten stronger for the last few years -- on "Getting Away With Murder" I proved myself I could be a rock-n-roll singer.
  • So you don't really practice right now, no exercises or anything?
Jacoby : I have skills and stuff like that, but I don't go to a vocal coach. I've got warm ups and warms downs that I do, but more just straight from the gag.
  • Is it possible to hear some of your exercises, something that we can put on our web-site as an audio file?
Jacoby : I have to explain it for you to understand what I'm doing -- I get a towel or my shirt and I pull my tongue out of my mouth down toward my chin, then I say words and then I start to do skills, so I'll just do it real quick.
Here's a singing lesson from Jacoby!
I went to a vocal coach 'cause I blew my voice out on my last tour and I went to this lady for a day and she showed me that exercise. She teaches Bon Jovi, so she knows how to work with rock-n-roll singers. And she said "You're gonna think this is totally stupid, but get this towel and pull your tongue out of your mouth, pull it towards your chin and do skills" and I was like "What the f--k are you talking about?" She explained to me why she's doing this and what it does to strengthen your vocal cord. I did it and it was worth it -- it really helps me -- when I'm out on tour singing for like an hour and 15 minutes every night. So my voice became really strong.
  • Back in 2000 answering "What's your vice?" question, Jacoby, you said you do ecstasy and acid every once in a while. Do you still do anything like that?
Jacoby : Since that I've changed a lot. I don't really do drugs anymore. I've considered doing acid again just 'cause it definitely opens your mind to a different side of thinking, of thought process and the way you precede the world around you. But as far as doing drugs on a normal day-to-day basis, I don't do that anymore. I just got way too crazy on drugs and alcohol. I would take a step away and step back and chill out from it for a while.
  • Do you communicate with your fans over the internet?
Jerry : Yeah. Generally we do either blogs on the web-site or message-boards on the fans' sites we kind of go through -- if people have questions or whatever, we answer them.
Jacoby : I'm not a computer guy. I do it occasionally from the studio or from the road to just say "Hey, this is what's going on in our f--king world. We had a great show in Florida last night, we're getting up to Alabama now to rock a show there." But as far as personal communication, I really can't stand computers and the least time I have to spend on them, the better. If I communicate with anybody, it's face-to-face, like after the show -- we usually pop out and go sign autographs and see what the vibe is. So it's personal contact with computers I f--cking can't stand.
  • Any message to your fans?
Jerry : For our fans -- just know that we're working on a new record, it's shaping up to be a really good record and we're excited about the new songs and the new direction that we're taking. We're gonna do some journal entries here pretty soon. We've been shooting video from pre-production and "behind the scenes" kind of stuff -- we'll have all of that.
Jacoby : Enjoy your time with your family and friends 'cause everybody gets lots in the materialism. But just enjoy the time with your people 'cause you never know when you're gonna go.

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