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[2007] Six questions with Papa Roach

21. august 2009 at 1:38 | ewelyn-best |  PR
The Observer spoke with lead singer Jacoby Shaddix in a phone interview while the band stopped in San Angelo, Texas on the 30th of October 2007.

Q: What inspires you creatively?

A: We draw from our life experiences. These records are our story, from "Infest," where we were four angry young kids from a small town, to "The Paramour Sessions," which is all about love.

(The 2004 album) "Getting Away With Murder" was a revelation for me. It's where I got sober. That album is all about liberation and hope.

Q: How has your sound evolved over the years?

A: When we first started we were funk, punk, experimental. Then we added rap on "Infest," which was huge for us. "Last Resort" was one of the biggest rap-metal songs, so how do we top that? We can't. So we had to try something new. On "lovehatetragedy" we stepped into new territory. But it was necessary for us, so we could make the transition to "Getting Away With Murder." I really wanted to prove myself as a solid rock singer on that record. "The Paramour Sessions" is really us being fearless. We're really sure of ourselves now.

Q: After all you've accomplished, do you ever think about taking a break?

A: For me, we haven't got to the point yet where we feel we're ready for a break. We've gotta stay out there and connect with the fans. I didn't start a band to sell pieces of plastic, but to put butts in seats at a rock show. It's all about touring and playing for us, because that's where you get the most honest connection with your fan base.

Q: What's an album or song that you listen to that people would be shocked to hear?

A: Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" and "Thriller." Anything by Thelonious Monk. He's amazing. I like the new Justin Timberlake. The beats are catchy and the melodies are off the hook.

Q: What's something about the band that you wish people knew?

A: We have a really good sense of humor. We're jokers. We laugh and pull pranks all the time. We don't take ourselves seriously.

Q: What does the future hold for Papa Roach?

A: We're going to become the biggest, baddest band in the world. There's no other option.

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